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Safilo glasses may not be a name that is familiar to everyone, but in the optical word Safilo is a watchword for quality glasses. Safilo eyewear has a contemporary look, as well as styles similar to many more well known designer glasses brands, but without the price tag.



Safilo themselves are one of Europe's largest spectacle frame suppliers, and as such are responsible for designing and producing many of the designer glasses that you see in some of the finest boutique opticians in the world, including Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Valentino. Safilo glasses are Safilo's own name range of glasses that have been made to the same high standards of quality and contemporary style as these more well known brands. Having said that Safilo glasses also offer something for the more traditional glasses wearer; as well as the smaller more contemporary styles there are some larger, more traditional glasses styles so there are frames suitable for everyone. People may not recognise the Safilo glasses name, but you can be sure that they will ask where you got them!


All of our Safilo glasses frames come with a Safilo lens cloth and case.